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In the field of automated invoice management systems, doing more means your AP people having the power to…

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Monitoring and tracking tools allow your AP people to view the full cycle of any invoice and measure the performance of the process and its participants

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Intuitive and easy to use configuration tools allow your AP people to adjust your invoice processes whenever needed

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Running processes monitor allows your AP people to react instantly to any changing business parameter impacting your running processes

The intelligent use of technology is the one that allows you to do more

SAP customers have invested in an advanced ERP system to manage their business documents, yet they utilize manual processes to manage their business documents like vendor invoices.

Automating vendor invoice processing is a unique opportunity to leverage your SAP investment and improve the operational efficiency and slash costs of processing incoming vendor invoices.

Using its unique business process automation framework runup∙, SGI built a Vendor Invoice Management solution for SAP (runup.viv Solution), a seamless SAP add-on solution to process vendor invoices from receipt to payment. This solution helps your organization to streamline account payable processes and implement the industry best practices for managing incoming invoices.

Key Business Benefits for SAP customers

SGI runup.viv solution for SAP provides significant benefits for companies seeking to improve their invoice to pay cycle and reduce invoice processing costs:

Rapid deployment of a solid and proven solution that guarantees process optimization and ensures enforcement of your corporate invoice processing rules.

Minimal cost of ownership and immediate return on invested capital.

Reduce signficantly the time and cost to run your incoming invoice processing.

Best practices are used to design and build a scalable solution for invoice processing.

Sophisticated monitoring and metrics tools to analyze easily your invoices complete cycle.

runup.viv Solution features

SGI runup.viv solution offers SAP customers unmatched features:

Can be integrated easily with any invoice data capture solution.

Automatic and Manual indexing of incoming vendor invoices.

Automatic validation of indexed data and triggering of exceptions handling processes.

Configurable workflows process for handling different types of invoices (PO based and Non PO).

Monitoring tools for real time tracking of vendor invoices and for performance metrics measurement.

Detailed log of all participants actions and decisions for a seamless auditing.